Scrap recovery and attention paid to the environment

With its over 30 years of experience in the scrap recovery and sale of ferrous and non-ferrous material field, Reco S.r.l. today is a renowned point of reference in Europ for the recycling and collection of industrial producction scraps. Recycling 99% of the scrap products ensures that scrap recovery is a particularly eco-sustainable, virtuous activity, with a practically infinite life cycle. Reco S.r.l. operates in full compliance with the strictest regulations in force for storing and selling iron and non-ferrous metals. Every step of the production process – from recovering scraps and material treatment to analysis and transport – is subjected to scrupulous in-house quality controls, is meticulously tracked and encoded, and perfectly complies with the E.W.C. and E.O.W. criteria. Since 2016, we also have cat. 8 authorisations to operate as a direct broker for steelworks. In order to offer an increasingly lean and functional service, we partner companies also in completing bureaucratic procedures, by directly filling in the forms necessary to recover, collect and transport scraps.

Recovery of scraps

Analysis and management 4.0
of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Thanks to a highly specialised staff, in-depth knowledge of the scrap recovery sector and through a production pole organised down to the finest detail and equipped with next-generation machinery, Reco S.r.l. is able to efficiently, quickly and flexibly meet all of the market’s requirements. It is one of the leading points of reference in Europe for the recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous scraps coming from industrial scraps. The company’s pride and joy is its painstaking and scrupulous analysis of the materials in order to offer utmost safety and quality to every single customer. In addition to the radiometric control of the pieces, necessary to identify any presence of traces of radioactivity in the materials, we also perform additional investigations into the chemical composition of the metals. With the use of advanced instruments, spectrometric control allows us to learn the exact chemical composition of every material, which is then encoded to ensure the customer a perfect match of the materials purchased.

We guarantee reliability and safety for all scrap recovery, iron and metal recycling, storage and transport operations with our certifications and controlled production system.

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