Efficient and certified

Complete metal recovery service

Reco S.r.l. has specialised in recovering ferrous and non-ferrous metals for over 30 years. It follows the strictest and most up-to-date European regulations and always operates with professionalism, solidity and utmost transparency. The services that the company offers include recovery of metals and drippings, the demolition of production plants, the placing and emptying of containers on consignment, a meticulous analysis of the recovered scraps, processing of the scraps and transport. Professionalism, speed and safety distinguish the service provided by Reco S.r.l., which has always been particularly attentive to screening and analysing scraps in order to guarantee all of its customers high quality and totally safe products. Ninety-nine percent of the scraps is recycled, so that it can then be allocated to new uses in full compliance with environmental impact and eco-sustainability.

Serving companies

Collection and pick-up of scraps

Metals are recovered following different procedures. In addition to collecting scraps with its own vehicles from any size and commodity type of company, we offer a container service that consists of placing and periodically emptying containers on the premises of our business customers on a free loan basis. We demolish and tear down industrial plants upon request.

We take care of it


When scraps are picked up, either upon the company’s request or by placing and emptying containers directly on-site, Reco S.r.l. provides a complete service to transport non-hazardous materials using its own vehicles. The company partners the customer in completing the necessary paperwork by directly filling in the forms.

Focus on safety

Radiometric control

Reco S.r.l. conducts an in-depth radiometric control on the ferrous and non-ferrous materials coming from the recovery of metals in order to be able to rule out any trace of radioactivity in the material. This examination is crucial in order to be able to proceed with the material sorting, spectrometric analysis, shearing and recycling processes.

Safe composition

Visual inspection and chemical analysis

When the materials have been recovered, Reco S.r.l. screens them by hand or with automation by magnets that separate the iron from the other materials. By using next-generation spectrometers, the precise chemical composition of each material is also determined. This is the best way to allow the business customer to know exactly the type of product being purchased.


Storage and processing

After the recovered scraps have been sorted, Reco S.r.l. volumetrically reduces the products by shearing in order to get pieces of standard measurement that are stored in the company’s internal warehouses. They are afterwards sold to steelworks and foundries in Italy and abroad.

Waste classification

E.W.C. – E.O.W. certifications

Reco S.r.l. has all of the certifications and authorisations necessary for operating as a broker of metals in Europe. Our operations strictly comply with the E.W.C. (European Waste Code) and E.O.W. (End of Waste) criteria for the storage and sale of ferrous and non-ferrous materials.

Recovery of Metals

The production plant

A production plant of over 10,000 sqm equipped with next-generation machinery to guarantee maximum production efficiency, safety and capacity.

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