Recovery, processing and sale of ferrous and non-ferrous metals 

Reco S.r.l. has been recovering iron and selling ferrous and non-ferrous materials coming from the most diverse industrial productions for over 30 years, with these materials then allocated to steelworks and foundries throughout Europe. It also serves as a direct broker for steelworks pursuant to Cat. 8 Authorisation. Each year we recover an average of 120,000 tonnes of scrap from the production scraps of all sizes and types of companies and from the demolition of industrial plants. We also recycle more than 99% of the materials to achieve a virtuous, long and very eco-sustainable life cycle. After the iron is recovered upon request or after placing and emptying containers directly on the manufacturing company’s premises,Reco S.r.l. also shears the scraps by hand or automatically using appropriate equipment. Analysis and control of the recovered scraps is essential for Reco S.r.l. In addition to a preliminary analysis by radiometric control aimed at ruling out any trace of radioactivity, we proceed with another check of the materials using next-generation spectrometers that determine the exact chemical composition of the elements that the materials contain in percentage, in this way determining their precise classification. This procedure ensures top quality and provides an extra guarantee of reliability and safety to customers. Shearing the materials to volumetrically reduce the metal scraps in order to get single pieces in standard measurements that will then be stored and transported to steelworks and foundries is the final step of the iron and non-ferrous metal recovery.

Iron recovery quality and development.

2012_ Year when Reco S.r.l. was established The company is fruit of the prior experience of its owners, who boast over 30 years of work in the iron recovery and scrap trade sector. Today it is one of the key players in the recovery of iron, non-ferrous materials and various kinds of industrial production scrap.

2016_ Reco S.r.l.’s business expanded after obtaining scrap brokerage authorisation.

2019_ Enlargement of the operating unit allowed Reco S.r.l. to more effectively meet the market’s requirements and strengthen its position as a point of reference for iron recovery and the metal trade at the European level.

Recupero Ferro Brescia, Reco Metal Trading
Recupero Ferro Brescia, Reco Metal Trading
Recupero Ferro Brescia, Reco Metal Trading
Recupero Ferro Brescia, Reco Metal Trading
Recupero Ferro Brescia, Reco Metal Trading

One single partner
that is able to ensure top quality,
safety and reliability
for the recovery of iron
and the sale of
ferrous and non-ferrous materials.